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Larkspur Volunteer Fire Auxiliary

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Larkspur Volunteer Fire Auxiliary


The purpose of the LVFA is to provide a visible, proactive adult social organization to support the Larkspur Fire District and it’s members, active or retired and the community served by the district at large. To such end, the LVFA - BOD shall establish and maintain a self- funding, non-profit (501c3) entity consisting of community members with the goal of appropriating, tracking and disbursing monies for such purposes as may be justified by LVFA membership consideration and approval.



To foster/advance the concept of service and strategic philanthropy to the fire district and the community at large through non-partisan, nonsectarian volunteerism and community activism.


Our Values:

Transparency - activities of the LVFA such as organizational meetings, fund raising activities, budgeting and spending decisions, membership including basic contact information, are open to all residents of the community at all times.


Ethics – all members are expected to hold each other accountable to uphold our values and meet ethical norms for all personal conduct and decision making typical of a community based non-profit organization.


Membership requirements – you must be an adult and a member in good standing with respect to annual dues/fees/assessments, not be incarcerated or awaiting trial or sentencing for a felony offense. Membership is available without regard to any federally protected status such as race creed, sexual orientation, country of origin, etc.


Inclusion – no quotas, rules or restrictions limiting participation to any group shall exist.

Membership in other organizations – LVFA members may participate in any other organization that does not encourage discrimination in direct conflict with our values.


Volunteerism – all members are volunteers and will not be compensated for any role filled within the organization. However, with BOD authorization, personal expenses directly related to organizational activities will be compensated by action of the LVFA treasurer.


Donations – members and the public at large may make donations of monetary or in kind gifts to the LVFA at any time and receive a receipt of charitable donation in accordance with all 501c3 IRS requirements. The Treasurer shall recognize and report all donations. Single donations of less than $500 value may be recorded as collective contributions.


Organization: There shall be an elected board of directors consisting of at least 5 members and not more than 7 members maintained in an uneven number to eliminate tie votes. A quorum requires attendance of either 3 of 5 or 4 of seven BOD members for any vote. A member may abstain to preserve an uneven vote and prevent a tie. Meetings shall be held at least 10 months of the calendar year on the second Wednesday of the month at the Larkspur Fire Station on Spruce Mountain Road, Larkspur Colorado at 6 pm unless the BOD deems otherwise for cause.


Governance: Procedural matters shall be in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order and IRS guidance for 501c3 organizations. SDA guidance documents are to be consulted for regarding exceptions.