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Mitigation Programs

Is Your Property Safe?

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PINE NEEDLES:  Bag them and put the out with your trash. Use a mulching blade on your mower and chop them into compost for your lawn. Leave them in place, as mulch, to hold the moisture in the soil and protect your tree's root systems.

Contact MR Hauling at 303-919-1996, or other trash services, for hauling of yard waste.


Where do these pine needles pose a risk during a wildfire?

On your roof

In your guters

Within 10 feet of your home and structures


The real danger: your brush and dense stands of trees around your home !!!!


If you have a concern about pine needles and the risk they pose to your home, we urge you to contact the Larkspur Fire Department to arrange a wildfire mitigation inspection to learn how you can truly protect your home in the event of a wildfire.


The Metro District's slash disposal program is intended to allow you to remove dangerous brush and trees from around your home and property. Take advantage of this program to reduce your wildfire risk and promote the fire fighter safety.


Properly Mitigated Homes that survived the Black Forest Fire

Black Forest Fire Video


Perry Park Firewise Committee References


Perry Park Evacuation


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