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Meeting Agenda for June 5, 2024

Time:    18:00

Location:      Ed and Kay Chambers

                      8665 Perry Park Road (Highway 105)


  1.  Review of previous meeting minutes

  2. Officer’s reports

    1. President

      1. LFPD open house

      2. Working rapport with LFPD

      3. Membership recruitment

    2. Treasurer

      1. Account balance

      2. Revenue/expenses

        1. Pancake Breakfast revenue (after expenses) $2,213.95

    3. Secretary

      1. Membership Directory

  3. Project Lead Reports

    1. Web site

    2. Adopt-a-road

      1. June 9th

    3. Food drive

    4. Independence Day Parade

      1. July 4th

    5. Music in the Park

      1. July 26th

  4. Unfinished business

    1. Scholarship program

      1. Funding

      2. Application criteria

      3. Nomination for project lead

    2. Recognition plaques

      1. Presentation date

      2. Organization of presentation

  5. New Business

    1. Spaghetti Dinner planning

      1. October 21st

      2. Nomination of project lead

    2. El Pomar Foundation Grant application

      1. Wildland firefighting tank/pump skid for UTV

  6. Adjourn

Minutes of Meeting May 1, 2024

Preceding the meeting start a tour was given of station 161 and a meal was provided by LFPD in appreciation of the efforts of the LVFA.

The meeting was convened at approximately 7:00 pm.

  1.  The minutes of the 4/3/24 meeting was approved without revision

  2. Reports:

    1. President: 

      1. Brief summary of Thank You notes written to Mindy of The Spur, Chris of M R Hauling and a private donation.  Emphasizing the importance of promptly acknowledging those who are contributing to LVFA.

    2. Secretary:

      1. Absent due to medical condition.  No report.

    3. Treasure:

      1. Financial report.  Attached to minutes of the meeting.

      2. Recommended that $6,300 be placed into a reserve designated for the scholarship fund.  The resolution was passed unanimously.

    4. Website:

      1. Our site is up to date and continues to evolve in content and appearance.

      2. The value of the website to substantiate the LVFA in grant applications was discussed.  There is no current need to change the trajectory of the work currently being performed.

      3. The LFPD website was reviewed as it is currently being upgraded.  It brought up the idea of having active links with LVFA supporters.

  3. Project report:

    1. Pancake breakfast:

      1. Jeff Smith was the project lead.  He had prepared a list which would be beneficial for future Pancake Breakfasts and the Spaghetti Dinner.  Discussion took place as he went through the itemized list and he edited his list.  The edited version will be included in the meeting minutes.  Following revenue and donations, after expenses totaled:

    2. Food drive:

      1. Jim Godley is the project lead.  It will take place on May 11th.  He will coordinate personnel staffing and logistics for the collection points at pick-up. The Larkspur Town Park and entry to Perry Park Ranch.

      2. Consensus was reached to ask the donor if they wished their monetary donation specifically either the Larkspur Foodbank or LVFA.

    3. Adopt-a-road:

      1. Stephanie Way is the project lead.  It will take place on June 9th.  Chief MacCawley and Glen Clemons will coordinate planning and logistics with Stephanie for a LFPD vehicle to accompany the pick-up teams and the Boy Scout troop for their assistance in the trash pick-up.

    4. Independence Day Parade:

      1. Wayne Moore is the project lead.  The next Perry Park Ranch committee planning meeting is scheduled on 5/4/24 at 10:00.  Wayne plans to attend.

    5. Music in the park:

      1. Peggy Whalen is the project lead.  The LVFA is scheduled on the July 26th event day.

  4. Unfinished business:

    1. Scholarship program

      1. Grant applications have been made with CORE Electric and Walmart

      2. We continue to receive substantial donations.  This week a $500 donation was received.

      3. The fundraising events serve to:

        1. Bring attention to the LFVA mission

        2. Developing a sense of community

        3. Gives a connection to “our firefighters”

      4. A draft for the application criteria was presented.  Added to the meeting minutes.  No significant revisions were made.

      5. Awarding process.  This will need further development.

  5. New business:

    1. Recognition plaques

      1. Ken Walker proposed that we formally acknowledge the contribution made by the staff of The Spur and M R Hauling for the Pancake Breakfast and Spaghetti Dinner by giving them a plaque.  This was unanimously supported.  He will proceed with all aspect of the having the plaques made and present to the members a draft of wording.

    2. LFPD fire station open house May 18th.

      1. LFPD community outreach coordinator presented the planned activities.  We will solicit volunteers from the LVFA to assist.

  6. The meeting adjourned at 20:30

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